Climate action in Nevada centers on building a brighter future for everyone in the Silver State.

By reducing greenhouse gas pollution and advancing forward-looking climate solutions, we collectively benefit from cleaner air, less dependence on foreign fuels, healthier ecosystems with enhanced outdoor recreation opportunities, more innovation in our economy, and more job opportunities. All across the Silver State, NCI is collaborating and coordinating with Nevadans taking action to address climate change in manner that is tailored to the unique needs of each individual community.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak

“I will not spend a single second debating climate change.”
– Governor Steve Sisolak, January 2018

Climate Action Completed (2019-Present)

  • Nevada Commits to the U.S. Climate Alliance
    • On March 12, 2019, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that Nevada would join the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of governors committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement. The Alliance is led by state governments and is focused on state-to-state cooperation to accelerate the deployment of climate solutions needed to help each achieve their climate goals.
  • Nevada joins Nation’s Clean Car Promise
    • In July 2019, Nevada joined the “Nation’s Clean Car Promise,” a coalition of 24 bipartisan governors representing 52 percent of the U.S. population and 57 percent of the economy, working together to support a strong national clean car standard.
  • Executive Order 2019-22
    • Governor Sisolak’s hallmark Executive Order on climate change directs State of Nevada agencies to identify and evaluate policies and regulatory strategies to achieve the long-term goals of greenhouse gas emissions reductions, as required by Senate Bill 254. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Governor’s Office of Energy are tasked to coordinate statewide efforts and deliver State’s first Climate Strategy.
  • Clean Cars Nevada
    • In June 2020, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) initiated Clean Cars Nevada, a regulatory process designed to provide Nevadans with more choices for low and zero emission vehicles at dealerships throughout the state beginning in 2024.
  • Nevada Climate Initiative releases State Climate Strategy
    • In December 2020, Nevada’s State Climate Strategy established a framework to advance statewide climate action for a healthy, sustainable, resilient future. The Strategy is an integrated, economy-wide roadmap for the Silver State to accelerate climate action necessary to achieve Nevada’s climate goals and capture the health and economic benefits of the clean energy and technology revolution.
  • Nevada Joins the Under2 Coalition
    • In February 2021, under Governor Sisolak’s guidance, Nevada joined forces with other state and local climate leaders to tackle climate change and be part of the solution by joining the Under2 Coalition. The Under2 Coalition is a global community of state and regional governments committed to ambitious climate action in line with the Paris Agreement. Members include more than 220 governments representing 43% of the global economy.
  • United States Rejoins the Paris Agreement
    • In February 2021, directed by President Joe Biden, the United States reentered the Paris Agreement reaffirming the United States’ commitment to limit greenhouse gas emissions to prevent global warming. Click here to see a video of Governor Sisolak’s response.


What additional goals do you think the State should take on to address climate change?