There are numerous online portals available that provide a wide array of climate data.

Below are several credible web-based resources with Nevada-specific climate information.

Nevada State Climate Office (NSCO):
This is the official website of the Nevada State Climatologist. The website provides timely, accurate, and important information and education about weather and climate and their impacts for everyone who lives, works, or recreates in Nevada.

Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC):
The WRCC is one of six NOAA administered centers across the country. The Center serves as a repository of historical and contemporary climate data and information that serves the 11 western states, including Nevada.

This data portal provides cutting-edge climate information to support the work carried out by decision makers, planners, and natural resource managers. Sophisticated visualizations include sector-specific climate observations and high-resolution projections. Although focused on California, many of the tools and data sets available on this site include Nevada.

NOAA Weather and Climate Toolkit (WCT):
The WCT is a free software platform that provides for the visualization and data export of weather and climate data, including radar, satellite and model data.

Data and information compiled by scientists can inform climate action in Nevada.

Resilience Resources

The resources provided below can help support efforts within your community to ensure a sustainable future for you and your neighbors.

Nevadans Taking Action

Creating a sustainable, climate-resilient future is already building momentum across Nevada. Here is a compilation of resources developed by various entities throughout Nevada to help advance climate action.


What additional goals do you think the State should take on to address climate change?