June 27, 2022
Meghin Delaney  
Communications Director  

In the face of extreme heat, State of Nevada collaborates with partners statewide, centralizes available resources for Nevadans in need

CARSON CITY, NV – Today, in collaboration with State, local and federal partners, the State of Nevada launched a new central resource – accessible here – for Nevadans who are facing extreme heat conditions this summer.

“The excessive heat we’re feeling is unprecedented – our summers are becoming hotter, drier and longer every year due to climate change,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “Now more than ever, we must come together to tackle the climate crisis and ensure we have the resources to protect Nevadans.”

The work is part of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s Statewide Heat Plan, which was launched after the Governor’s State of the State Address earlier this year. The heat planning team has been meeting with State, federal and local partners to identify different resources to support communities during the hottest days. 

“The National Weather Service tracks summer heat day and night to make sure Nevadans and all Americans have advanced warning to prepare for and respond to dangerous heat conditions,” said Director Ken Graham, NOAA National Weather Service. “ is an excellent resource for weather predictions, critical heat alerts, as well as other heat safety information to ensure that everybody knows when dangerous heat is on the way and what to do to be ready for it.”

This new repository, which includes content from the National Weather Service, is a centralized resource as part of the Governor’s Nevada Climate Initiative for Nevadans to access information about extreme heat. Partners and community members are invited to contribute additional information for inclusion in this resource here.

“We have so many people working in the State who play a role in ensuring Nevadans stay safe during extreme heat. By collaborating and working together, we can provide greater protection for those in need,” said Dr. Kristen Averyt, Senior Climate Advisor to Governor Sisolak. 

Partners in this effort include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Weather Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Washoe County Health District, Southern Nevada Health District, Clark County, NV Energy, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, various state agencies and others.